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Save yourself some hard work and let us do a professional deep cleaning of your home’s su... YES! We specialize in, In-Home Drapery Cleaning Services. We do NOT have to remove your draperies, therefore saving you money, because it involves less labor time. Not only is On-Site Drapery Cleaning very convenient for you… but it’s also a lot safer for your drapes, by not having to take-down your draperies. In-Home Drapery Cleaning Services offer the LOWEST risk, for drapery cleaning. Owned by Laura and Michael Jordan, our business incorporates the most up-to-date techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to provide the finest in dry cleaning services. We are a conscientious, customer-centered company, providing dry cleaning, wash and fold, drapery cleaning and construction, textile restoration services, and interior design consultation. Full Article.

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Our methods are safe for children, pets and everyone else. After you’ve sanded the entire floor three times, use an industrial-grade vacuum to get rid of the dust particles. Your carpets will last longer, allowing you to put off potentially hefty replacement costs. All Persian rugs are Oriental rugs that require hand-washing.

This allows you to focus your energy on other things instead of worrying about the time consuming and manual job of transporting a rug.

It may be priced lower because many apartment room sizes are smaller. When we clean, there is nothing left behind.. On top of that, a window cleaning business offers several advantages. You’ll love the results… Guaranteed!.

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